Should Facebook start charging?

Weirdly enough, I’m beginning to wish Facebook would offer me the opportunity to pay them for the service but they don’t. Now I’m not some super rich, stupidly generous, philanthropist. Nor am I crazy (at least I don’t think). I’m just bored of the adverts and use Facebook often enough that I would be willing to pay a (small) annual fee to not see them. The model has worked for many smartphone apps and I think the same model could work here: Offer the advertisement supported version for free and those who use the app often enough will be willing to pay a small fee to drop the ads. So why not?

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The pointless cookie law

The cookie law is one of the most pointless directives ever. It has resulted in panic, countless hours of work for IT departments and, most of all, a painful user experience on the web. Oh and by the way it did absolutely nothing to ensure privacy or educate people about computer cookies.

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