Should Facebook start charging?

Weirdly enough, I’m beginning to wish Facebook would offer me the opportunity to pay them for the service but they don’t. Now I’m not some super rich, stupidly generous, philanthropist. Nor am I crazy (at least I don’t think). I’m just bored of the adverts and use Facebook often enough that I would be willing to pay a (small) annual fee to not see them. The model has worked for many smartphone apps and I think the same model could work here: Offer the advertisement supported version for free and those who use the app often enough will be willing to pay a small fee to drop the ads. So why not?

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Multi-nationals SHOULD pay more tax

OK so this isn’t going to be exactly a revolutionary statement as most people seem to agree, but I think big, rich, multi-nationals like Starbucks, Google, Apple, Amazon…etc. SHOULD pay more tax. So why bother blogging about this? And repeating what countless others have already said? Well I specifically want to refute some of the (so far few) arguments on the other side. Not many people have risked bucking the trend and arguing for the companies however few like this opinion piece in The Register and this in the Telegraph and now this in The Guardian are arguing that the public are wrong in this case and I’d like to look into their arguments a little closer.

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The end of Facebook


The rumors of it’s death have been greatly exaggerated. But recent annoying, pleading, e-mails from for me to revisit (get over it – I moved on years ago! It’s not me it’s you) have reminded me that people are fickle things and that fads move on. One day in the future the only ones updating Facebook will be politicians and Companies who fail to realise it’s just not cool any more. In my opinion this will happen sooner than anyone realises and when it happens it will happen in a matter of months.

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